Cultivate Harmony in yourself, your family, and workplace

Do you struggle with failure, shame, or grief? Hope and help is waiting for you. 

Your Journey to Wellness starts here

Therapy offers a safe and supportive environment along with an opportunity to put you on the right path, going in the right direction,  to help you move forward and live your life to the fullest

"Courage is not having strength to go on; It's going on when you don't have strength." Theodore Roosevelt

As your therapist I am committed in creating a safe and trusting environment, listen intently to your needs with strict confidentiality. Together we will create a life plan to get you on the path to a joyful life.
Marybeth Hrim, LCSW

Individual Therapy

Life can throw curve balls your way. Individual therapy can help assist you in breaking through the barriers that make you feel stuck.  This is an excellent process to increase self-esteem,  self-image, and confidence. Individual therapy is designed to help you better understand yourself so you can take control of life’s daily demands

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a highly effective and powerful way to help overcome a number of issues. Group Therapy will help you grow by the experiences together

Improve you overall mental and physical health as we run/walk through life’s issues. This form of physical fitness and cognitive behavioral therapy helps create a strong mind, body, and spirit.  This unique therapy will help calm and clear your mind and body and produces overall wellness

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